Our Band

We are a heavy metal band. We had recorded two successful albums within the first two years of our band’s life. Our songs are full of high volume and rhythm. Our lyrics are about life and people.

The band started it’s journey in 1995 in Birmingham. Four guys named Adam, Tony, Bill and David were looking for a way to escape the routine office works. All of us had music in our hearts. Our songs are influenced by the British blues band Led Zeppelin.

Our album

Our first album ‘ Tick Tock’ was released in January 1996. At that time we were already working on our second album. In December the same year, our second album ‘Manner’ was released. Millions of copies of these albums were sold across the globe. We ended up in the US Billboard Top 30. After the success of our two albums, we experimented with our music. Our lyrics were always appreciated by the fans. In our twenty years of the journey, we have released ten albums, and six of those made their place on the top music charts.


We have toured around the world with our music. Within the first year of release of our first two albums, we started getting invitation to perform in various concerts. We have toured in several cities of the US, UK, and Europe. Last year, we performed in India as well.

We hope to continue producing good music for our fans. The unity of our band members and the love for music are what makes our band so successful.