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7 Career Skateboarders that Tried Their Hand at Making Music

We love all kinds of music and we admire people who can run two careers at once. In a moment of brilliance, we decided to have a look at which famous skateboarders have been involved in music. We were surprised to find quite a few famous skateboarders who was part of bands at one point or another. We compiled a list of our favourites.

Steve Alba

Steve Alba played in several bands while working on his skateboard tricks and flips. He played for The Flamethrowers, Powerflex Five, Blue Flames, and Screaming Lord Salba.

Shane Heyl

Shane should probably stick to his day job of skateboarding, but he did try his luck with music. Like many other skateboarders, he went for rap as his style. He released a solo album called ‘Switch Heel’ and used the moniker Goatmouf Gumbo. We love his vert styles, but his music styles not so much.

Chris Gentry

Chris Gentry is a legend on the vert and has also taken up rapping. He has his own channel on which he raps about recent events in the world of skateboarding and BMX. His rhymes are hilarious and often tongue-in-cheek. You have to check it out.

Matt Hensley

Matt Hensley ended his skateboarding career in 1990 and became a paramedic. He also started a Celtic punk band called ‘Flogging Molly’ in 1997. The band tours a lot and is very popular. Matt has played the accordion in the band for the biggest part of 20 years.

Steve Caballero

Steve is another one of the greats. His music career went much better than some of the other skaters on our list. In the early 80s, Steve and a group of other skaters formed the band ‘The Faction’. ‘The Faction’ had a huge following thanks to Steve Caballero. The punk group’s slogan was ‘Music by skaters for skaters’. They did very well amongst their fellow skateboard lovers.

Ray Barbee

Ray Barbee has been a career skateboarder for more than 20 years. He is also a songwriter and plays different instruments. Ray released albums in 2003 and 2005 on Galaxia Records. He collaborated with fellow skateboarder-musician, Tommy Guerrero, to write songs for The Firm’s ‘Can’t Stop’. Ray’s music has a strong jazz influence and you can see the same style in his guitar playing and skateboarding. He has recently been involved with the new longboarding phenomenon and had a vital role in setting up the online brand

Tommy Guerrero

Tommy Guerrero wrote many of the songs he skated to in his sections. He also provided the soundtrack for many other skaters. He was part of the bands ‘Free Beer’ and ‘Jet Black Crayon’. He released his first studio album in 1998 and seven other albums after that. He had the most success in his solo career.

Danny Garcia

Danny Garcia got involved in music through the help of another skateboarder, Matt Costa. Danny started his band ‘Revered Baron’ in 2013 and has released a self-titled album. The sound of his music mixes American folk and blues and also includes some rock and sixties psychedelia.

Getting into music didn’t work out so well for all these skateboarders, but some made great music that is still enjoyed by many. We admire these guys who can make great music and skate well.


5 online marketing strategies bands can use to promote themselves

The music industry has become very competitive. There are lots of new talents here. If you want to make your band successful, you can use the following online marketing strategies.

Social media

Social media like Facebook and Twitter are free, fast and effective way of marketing your band. You can get millions of fans through these social media. The social networks can provide two-way engagement. You can keep your fans updated on the latest events. You can post photo albums of past gigs and shows. You can upload new songs and videos. It is a great way to drive web traffic to your official band site as well.


It is a great platform to share videos. You can upload your concert videos on YouTube. So, your audiences can watch the video of your new song or your live performance at a concert sitting at home.


Blogs are effective ways to attract audience with fresh and frequent content. You should make sure that your blog has commentary sections so that you can interact.


You should have an official website for your band. Your website should be well designed and easy to navigate. It should contain information about your band, the members, the latest news, upcoming events, and more.


It is an excellent way to build reputation. It can reach the targeted audiences if well-managed. It is a very effective way to inform your audiences about gig dates or song release dates.

You should make good use of these online marketing strategies to promote your band and music. These methods are very effective in getting audiences and fans for your music.

5 things you should consider to become a successful band

To many people forming music, band means a group of musicians getting together and performing. But making a successful band needs much more than that. Here are some things you should consider.

Have great songs that portray unique style and sound

Well-crafted and original songs will help you in becoming a successful band. It will make you stand out from the others. No matter whether you are self-writing or co-writing songs with others, your career might become short if you sound like the others in the industry.

Provide unforgettable live performances

Live performance is important for selling songs. A visual and auditory live experience that is aligned with your brand can create a unique position in the audiences’ mind. You should deliver performance that your fans will remember. You should hire professional light and sound man, dancers, interesting instruments, etc. to enhance your performance.

Focus on creating quality recordings

You should always try to produce the highest quality tracks possible. You should be careful about the sound of your guitar, drum and most importantly your voice.

Treat your songs as valuable property

Your songs will be valuable assets. The songs can go live and generate money for a long time; even after your career is over. You should compose your songs with the people you can trust.

Focus on marketing

Marketing is very important for a musician. Marketing starts before writing, recording, and packaging of the music. You should think of creative ways to market your band.

These tips can help you in becoming a successful music band. You should always focus on writing good songs, giving the best on-stage performance and producing quality records.

4 differences between heavy metal and hard rock music

To many people, hard rock and heavy metal may sound the same. But actually, there are differences. These are the major differences between the two popular genres of music.

Hard rock is based on blues, but metal is based on classical music

Heavy metal is based on classical music. They use scales that are found in classical music. Classical music forms the structure of the metal songs. It progresses the same way classical music does. That’s why metal and classical music are compatible. Hard rocks, on the other hand, are based on blues scales.

Metal is more complex than hard rock

Classical music is more complex than blues, and so metal is more complex than hard rock. The classical music was the music of the European aristocrats, and blues was the folk music created by the Afro-Americans in the rural regions. Metals are usually progressive; whereas, hard rock isn’t.

Metal shows better musicianship than hard rock

More technical skill is required in metal. It attracts guitarists and drummers. It has faster and complex solos and drum beats. The metal singers are also more trained than the hard rock artists.

Hard rock is part of ‘rock N roll,’ but metal is only ‘rock.’

Metal doesn’t have the ‘roll’ element. Sok, the music doesn’t sound happy and playful. You cannot dance to metal songs, but you can do so with hard rock songs.

Now as you know the difference, you will be able to choose which type of song you want to hear, heavy metal or hard rock. Both are very popular forms of music, and people love them.