About Us

We are an English band performing since 2001. This is our blog where we share our experiences with our audiences and music lovers. We keep up-to-date accounts of our experiences during tours, recording, interviews, and more.

In this blog, we share lots of our personal stories of our musical journey. We provide tips to other musicians who are trying hard to be successful. You will get the updates on our latest albums, tours, merchandises available and other news. Besides our band, we will also be discussing popular artists, music, instruments, technology and anything related to music.

We invite musicians to write for our blog. You will gain lots of knowledge about music from our blog. You will also learn about the top charts. If you want to know anything about our band or want to share your thoughts about our music, then write to us. If you have attended a concert of ours, then you can share your experience with us. Hope you enjoy reading our blog.