4 differences between heavy metal and hard rock music

To many people, hard rock and heavy metal may sound the same. But actually, there are differences. These are the major differences between the two popular genres of music.

Hard rock is based on blues, but metal is based on classical music

Heavy metal is based on classical music. They use scales that are found in classical music. Classical music forms the structure of the metal songs. It progresses the same way classical music does. That’s why metal and classical music are compatible. Hard rocks, on the other hand, are based on blues scales.

Metal is more complex than hard rock

Classical music is more complex than blues, and so metal is more complex than hard rock. The classical music was the music of the European aristocrats, and blues was the folk music created by the Afro-Americans in the rural regions. Metals are usually progressive; whereas, hard rock isn’t.

Metal shows better musicianship than hard rock

More technical skill is required in metal. It attracts guitarists and drummers. It has faster and complex solos and drum beats. The metal singers are also more trained than the hard rock artists.

Hard rock is part of ‘rock N roll,’ but metal is only ‘rock.’

Metal doesn’t have the ‘roll’ element. Sok, the music doesn’t sound happy and playful. You cannot dance to metal songs, but you can do so with hard rock songs.

Now as you know the difference, you will be able to choose which type of song you want to hear, heavy metal or hard rock. Both are very popular forms of music, and people love them.

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